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Product Name: NO.5 anti-brass double dot teeth metal zipper

Zipper material:H65,H85,H90,H99 Copper

Zipper size: NO.3~NO.15

Zipper Teeth type: Y teeth、Double point teeth、Euro teeth、Corn teeth

Zipper Teeth color: Brass、Anti-Brass、Anti-Silver、Golden brass、Gold、White gold、Dark Anti-nickel、Light gold、Anti-Copper、Gun metal、Golden brass、White copper

Zipper Tape color: YKK、CCC、GCC、Panton

Zipper Slider Type: According to customer’s request

Zipper width: 26mm~38mm

Certifications: REACH; CA65; ISO9001; SGS

Custom: YES

Durability test ≥ 500 cycles

Lateral Strength ≥ 600 N

Color Fastness Washing-min 4EVS-EN ISO105-C06:200

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